My first blog post

Tree Surgery do's and Don'ts : Alexander has spent the past 12 years perfecting his craft, focusing on the quality of workmanship, technique's and up to date training together with surrounding himself with an equally professional team. Unfortunately for every committed and fully qualified tree surgeon there are many cowboys to watch out for. This article will hopefully help you to ask the right questions and ensure you are getting a professional to carryout your work.

Insurance: It is important to ask this question at the offset. Any professional tree surgeon will be happy to provide you with a copy of or a link to their insurance documents. If you are made to feel awkward for asking then perhaps this should be a red flag that they may not have any.

Certificates: Any professional Tree Surgeon will be happy to tell you how qualified they are and provide you with copies of their certificates. Although, once qualified, certificates need renewing periodically and so it is worth checking on updates and training.

Waste Removal: It is a legal requirement for Tree Surgeons to have a waste carriers license in order to dispose of the arisings created by the work carried out. Again, it is good practice to ask to see a copy of their license and ask where they dispose of the waste. Some Tree Surgeons have been known to stuff some waste behind fences or under the hedges in order to prevent having to remove it. Always best to ask!

Door Knocking: We have had to attend a job recently where the homeowner had been victim to door knocking cowboys! They had paid to have their tree felled and had assumed this included removal of all arisings; sadly this was not the case. The cowboys had literally cut the tree to the ground and left it in the garden. When she called to ask when they would be back to remove the waste, they told her that they had only quoted to take it down and hung up. We attended, chopped the branches into logs, and stacked for her to use are firewood and removed all the brash for a fraction of the price they had quoted. Do Not let door knocking (so called) tree surgeons loose on your trees; Call a professional.